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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Groomer Trade Shows

There are many reasons for budding and seasoned groomers alike to attend Groomer Trade Shows. Organizations like Barkleigh and World Pet Association put on a variety of groomer-specific trade shows that occur in locations all over America such as Groom Expo (in Hershey, PA), Groom Expo West (in Pasadena, CA), Super Zoo (in Las Vegas, NV). Let us walk you through our Top 5 Reasons for attending Groomer Trade Shows.


1. Education

One of the most important reasons to attend trade shows is to learn everything that you can from groomer-taught classes. Each seminar speaker has years of experience on topics what you want to learn more about. Whether it’s hearing about Salon Safety, getting a Brusher Bather certificate, or learning more about a specific breed cut like the Bichon Friese, there will be classes that groomers from any skill set can glean education and tips from. Not only do these groomer greats have years of experience, but they can answer your questions in person. There’s usually a segment of every class set aside for Q&A that are a great opportunity to ask specific questions. Trade shows are a great chance to meet and learn from the greatest groomers in our industry.


2. Networking

Not only will you be able to attend classes taught by groomer-greats, but you will also be able to meet them! And network with them! Attend any trade show, and you will surely recognize groomers from your social feeds. We would be lying if we said we hadn’t fan-girled at a groomer or two (or ten). All you need to do is introduce yourself. Normally after each class, you can go up to the front and ask questions. Get to know your speakers. They are an infinite wealth of knowledge. Another great point for networking, the groomers that attend the same classes as you are interested in like-minded things – get to know them! You can meet groomers from all over the country that can answer your questions and help you grow. No two groomer experiences are alike and that’s what makes each groomer so unique.


3. Test Product in Person

Not only can you learn and network at trade shows, but you can meet your favorite vendors and try new products in person. Vendors will typically debut new product at trade shows, and you can sniff and touch so you can better get a sense if that product is for your line up. Shears are another great item to test at shows. You can get a feel for their size and balance in your hand. Not only are there shampoo and shear vendors, but all sorts of tools and products to make your life easier. Take some time to stroll past each vendor and see what they have to offer.


4. Show Specials 

While vendors will typically have a smattering of products to show you, they’ll typically also have show specials. These are specials that groomers can only gain access to at trade shows. Whether it’s a discount on groomwear, a shear special, or a Buy 5 Get 1 Free Shampoo special, you will definitely be going home with additional products you didn’t know you needed. Always stop by the Ryan’s Pet Supplies booth to pick up a show flyer and see if you can get discounted demo equipment, dryer discounts, or other great specials.

5. Groom Competitions

The final reason we will list here to attend Groomer Trade Shows is to watch and compete in groom competitions. These competitions are the pinnacle of dog grooming. Not only can you test your mettle against some of the finest in the industry, but you will inevitably get feedback from the judges to improve your future grooms. If you’re not feeling up to competing yet, stop by and watch a few rounds of competition. Groom competitions are a wonderful way to round out your skills. There’s a lot that goes into competing and you will learn so much about yourself and other groomers. We definitely recommend that you compete - you’ll never know how great you are until you try!


And there you have it, our top 5 reasons for attending trade shows for groomers. The amount of education that you can absorb alone makes the journey worth it! Network with your educators and peers – all it takes is the willpower to walk up and introduce yourself (we know you can do it!). You can test product in person and get major show specials and discounts. Plus, it’s always a great time to watch the competitions or even compete in them yourself!


The bottom line is groomer trade shows are a great way to grow and learn! You never know what you’re capable of until you give it a whirl. Give yourself a chance to grow and attend the next trade show near you.

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