Artero Lubricating & Rustproof Blade Care Cleaning Solution

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Introducing the Arterto Lubricating & Rustproof Blade Care Cleaning Solution— the ultimate blade care solution for pet grooming professionals. Artero has over 100 years of experience promoting the longevity of pet clipper blades.

The lubricating and rustproofing solution not only protects the blades but also cleans them and removes stuck fur. It preserves your blades’ lifespan by preventing rust and dirt from forming in the edge’s micropores.

Product Features:

  • Prevents rust formation
  • Sanitizes and protects clipper blades
  • Removes stuck pet hair
  • Finishing pleasant and clean scent
  • Generous 16.9 fl oz quantity for long-lasting use

How to Use:

  1. Pour the solution into a sizable container that fits your blades and the liquid.
  2. Soak your blades in the solution.
  3. Let the blades soak over the weekend for optimal disinfection and lubrication.
  4. For more thorough cleaning, submerge the blades with the clippers running to remove the fur and dirt inside.
  5. Repeat daily or at least once weekly.
  6. Remove the blades from the container, drain, and dry before your next grooming session.

Give your pet clipper blades the care they deserve with Paw Brothers.