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Grooming Webinars

Browse our growing collection of educational grooming webinars and courses hosted by Ryan's Pet Supplies ambassador Allison Alexander, Creative Educational Advisor and Specialist for Chris Christensen and owner of Leading Edge Dog Show Academy, the world's first online dog show training and grooming school.

Webinar Archive:

The Magic of Styling Sprays

A FREE webinar recording for salon groomers! Learn all about how styling sprays can take your grooming to the next level!

Sales & Services During the Busy Season

A FREE webinar for salon groomers! Allison will discuss how you can add products and tools to your grooming salon for retail purchases.


The Magic of Brushing Sprays

A FREE webinar for salon groomers to learn all about iGroom and the magic of their brushing sprays.

Summer in the Salon with Nature's Specialties

Learn how there is a "product for every situation" with Nature's Specialties as Allison recommends which product to use in each summer situation.

All About De-Shedding in the Salon

A FREE webinar for salon groomers! Make your de-shedding services easier with these tips + tools.

All About Clippers & Trimmers for Salon Groomer

A FREE webinar for salon groomers! Learn all about Clippers and Trimmers and the best grooming tools, products and techniques to use in the salon.

Salon Tools & Techniques: Double Coats

Learn about "double-coated" or "shedding" breeds and the best grooming tools, products and techniques to groom them in the salon. Allison discusses the most effective and time-saving methods and tools.

Mastering Grooming Finishing Touches

Learn about the grooming "finishing touches" that will set your grooms apart.

All About Scissor Ownership

Learn how to "Raise and Train" a scissor; from purchasing to caring for and using them to their fullest potential!

How to Dry with Style & Consistency

Learn how to dry your dogs with both style (which will improve your trimming) and a consistent, efficient method.

Grooming Double-Coated Breeds

Learn about "double-coated" or "shedding" breeds and the best grooming tools, products and techniques to groom them.

How to Deal with Challenging Dogs

Learn how to reassure nervous dogs, calm hyper dogs, which products and tools to use for safety and efficiency, and more.

Choosing & Using Shears

Learn how to choose which shears to buy, and when to use your different types of shears. We will also cover how to use your shears with several techniques and maintenance tips.

Learn About the Artemis Clipper

Learn all about the revolutionary features of the Artemis Clipper

How to Retail for Groomers

Learn basic steps for retailing tools, sprays, and more in your shops to add to your bottomline.

How to Use Top Cat Products

Learn about the brand new line of products by Chris Christensen Systems - Top Cat; 12 products for your cats, created with coat type in mind.

Wire Coat Types Tricks & Tips

Learn about Wire Coats and the unique grooming needs.

Grooming Techniques for Success

Come and learn all about the newest products from Chris Christensen Systems: the Safe-T Grid 'Symmetry Mat' and the 'Top Cat' Cat Line!

Keeping Your Dog Mat-Free

Learn techniques and discover new products to use to keep your dog free of mats. All levels welcome! Includes a recorded live Q&A session.

All About De-Shedding

Learn about when & why shedding happens and the products & techniques to help you with de-shedding your dog.

Choosing Products & Tools for Each Coat Type

Learn about what coat type is, why it matters for dog grooming, as well as the essential, optional and deluxe products for each coat type.

Canine Dental Health

How to keep your dog's dental hygiene in top shape, including recommended tools & products and the role of diet and your veterinarian.

All About Puppies

How to introduce your puppy to grooming, including milestones & expectations, and recommended tools & products for your puppy.

Choosing Combs & Scissors with Blackworks

You will learn about how to choose your shears, how to properly hold and care for shears, and choosing combs - featuring the new and exciting Blackworks product collection.

Sustainable Grooming Options with TruCraft

Tru Craft was inspired by groomers and pet professionals who were looking for products that combine high-quality results with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and ingredients.

What Brushes are Right For Me?

You will learn about the different brush types, when and how to use them, and more about our favorite brushes available at Ryan's Pet Supplies.

Courses Archive:

Fixture Basics: Selecting Salon Fixtures

Allison Alexander talks about safety in the salon and how to select fixtures for your salon. Includes a presentation recording, e-book and curated shopping list

Tips & Tools for Short-Nosed Dogs

Learn about products and tools for your short-nosed breed with educator Allison Alexander, Creative Educational Advisor and Specialist for Chris Christensen Systems.

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