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Groomer Community Outreach

To our Groomer Community,

I’m sure like us you are overwhelmed with the weight of these uncertain times. The situation has us feeling very lucky to be part of a community of wonderful people who love animals and each other. 

Ryan’s Pet Supplies together with our sister companies Nature’s Specialties and ComfortGroom, have been thinking of you and your families. We know our industry is not afraid to face adversity head on. We’re a group of small business owners who band together around our passion for animals.

One of many examples, is the story of how Mary Meeks built Nature’s Specialties. She was a single, working mom with a passion for pets and grooming. Her drive to find shampoo that was safe and effective lead her to the development of Nature’s Specialties over 30 years ago. In 2009, in the midst of a recession, Nature’s experienced a massive fire that engulfed the entire manufacturing plant. Mary wasn’t one to let this stop her mission – she persevered with the help of this community. Friends opened their factory doors to Mary and her team after hours and night-by-night they worked to rebuild the business.

We know each one of you has a unique story and unique challenges. Many of you have shared your stories with us and we feel fortunate to be part of your family. In these times of need, we want to give back to our community and to also create a place to share our struggles and triumphs.

  • Share your stories of resilience, empowerment, and community support with us.
  • Each week we’ll select one story to feature on our blog – as a thank you we’ll send the author a $150 gift certificate to help you get through this tough time.
  • Share with us on Instagram, Facebook or email [email protected]
  • To help everyone during this time we’d like to offer 10% off our family of brands: Paw Brothers, Nature’s Specialties, ComfortGroom, Desert Sudz, ComfortSharp, Dawgee, ValueGroom, Fancy Finishes and Perfect Groom. Use promo code COMMUNITY at checkout, as long as the crisis continues. 

In troubling times it’s important to remember that we’re in this together. These are some of our early ideas to help support but we’re open to all ideas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to be a better resource to all of you!


Michelle Austin

Mom to Fur Babies Bob (12-year old Lhasa Apso) and Betty (9-year old Boxer rescue) and a 19-year industry veteran