Our Mission

At Ryan's Pet Supplies, it is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets.

We serve the pet community by being THE RESOURCE for supplies, support, education, innovation, and community.

We listen to you! We work with pet professionals when developing new products and in identifying the brands that are important to your work and carry over 9,000 products that help professionals do their job every day.

We love hearing from you at our shows and on social media. Stay up to date on the latest tips, trends and news by visiting our Groomer Speaks Blog.

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of over 50+ employees that take pride in sending your products to you as quickly as possible. A product must be delivered, received, placed, picked, packed, and shipped (say that five times fast!) before it arrives in your home or business. Our customer service and front counter teams are happy to answer your questions and provide resources for education. As a team and a family, we appreciate you choosing and trusting us at Ryan’s Pet Supplies.

Core Values


We offer trusted, quality brands to professional groomers across the pet industry.


Our grooming expertise has made us the go-to distributor for over sixty years.


We listen to the grooming community. We are loyal to our customers and bring them the newest innovations.

Customer Service

We hire professional groomers because that’s who we are. Our customer service understands the industry and knows what it takes.


As professionals, safety is our number one priority for both our groomers and pets. We are a AKC Safe Salon Partner.


With our fast shipping, competitive pricing and large assortment, we remain a reliable partner for our groomers.

Ryan's Pet Supplies Timeline

1959 - Ryan’s Pet Supplies was established by George and Donna Ryan in Wisconsin. The star feature of the business was their specially crafted dog food.

1980 - George and Donna move Ryan’s to sunny Phoenix, Arizona.

1982 - Ryan’s discontinues making dog food and becomes a full-line, Arizona pet store distributor.

1988 - George and Donna Ryan retire and sell their business to brothers Dave and Warren Goldfarb. The Goldfarbs had run several businesses in NY and had recently moved their families to Arizona in search of sunshine and new business opportunities.

1990 - Dave and Warren transform the business from a full line pet store distributor, to a supplier that caters to the needs of pet professionals and groomers.

1992 - Ryan’s sends its first grooming supply mailer to Arizona and California groomers, which includes pieces of their ribbon taped right to the mailer.

1994 - The ribbon was so successful that Dave & Warren design their own special ribbon-printing machines - Ryan’s has been designing and printing ribbon for groomers ever since!

1996 - Ryan’s Sharpening & Repair Services opens with the promise, “We Service What We Sell.”

1998 - The Goldfarbs move from their previous 4,000 sq. ft building on 3411 S. Central Ave to the current 10,000 sq. ft location on 1805 E. McDowell Road in Phoenix.

1998 - Ryan's sends its first nationwide full-color catalog.

2000 - To meet increasing nationwide demand, Ryan's purchases an additional 20,000 sq. ft of warehouse space.

2018 - After 30 years of building a highly successful business, Dave and Warren Goldfarb retire and sell the business to Nexus Brands Group.

2020 - Groomers Speak Blog launches as a way to keep groomers connected and offer tips, education and support.

2020 - While being closed to the public at the onset of the pandemic, the showroom was completely remodeled and a pet neighborhood park themed mural was added to the building.

"Rely on Ryan's" since 1959

The grooming community has long Relied on Ryan’s to provide durable and safe grooming equipment and supplies ranging from:

Clippers, blades, and shears from leading national and international brands.

Dependable tables, tubs, cages, and other equipment from Paw Brothers, ComfortGroom, and more.

Large selection of collars, harnesses, leashes, and leads.

Grooming tools and supplies for professional and home use.

A large selection of shampoo and coat care products including Nature’s Specialties, Desert Sudz, DoubleK, Tropiclean, & more.

Dental care, nail care, ear care, and other health and wellness products and supplements.

A variety of interactive dog toys and pet-approved dog treats.

We care for the pet community by being the resource for supplies, support, education, innovation & community.