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Latest Grooming Webinars:

How to Dry with Style & Consistency

Learn how to dry your dogs with both style (which will improve your trimming) and a consistent, efficient method.

Grooming Double-Coated Breeds

Learn about "double-coated" or "shedding" breeds and the best grooming tools, products and techniques to groom them.

How to Deal with Challenging Dogs

Learn how to reassure nervous dogs, calm hyper dogs, which products and tools to use for safety and efficiency, and more.

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Explore educational webinars and tutorials for grooming by season, life stage, health condition, coat type, and more.

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@ryanspetsupplies Our girl @britneyrmackgrooming showing us a few of her favorite things. But do you see the prep work🙌✨ @Andis Company @Wahl Animal #ryanspetsupplies♬ original sound - Ryan’s Pet Supplies
@ryanspetsupplies Cool hack from @the_bark_side to save a matted tail. Visit our site for dematting solutions! #ryanspetsupplies#matteddogmakeover#lifehacks♬ original sound - Ryan’s Pet Supplies

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Grooming Education Courses:

Fixture Basics: Selecting Salon Fixtures

(Tags - Spring, Seasonal, Deshedding, Tools)

This pre-recorded webinar discusses when and why shedding happens and the grooming techniques, products and tools pet owners can use to de-shed dogs at home, for show, or between grooming trips.

Tips & Tools for Short Nosed Dogs

(Tags - Coat Care, Chris Chrstensen, Coat Type, Tools)

Learn about what coat type is, why it matters for dog grooming, how to determine your dog's coat type, and the essential, optional and deluxe products for each coat type.