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COVID-19: Why can’t I find what I need to Groom?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had severe impacts on economic activities and has caused major disruptions in supply chains. This has impacted production and operations across all industries, including the Pet Industry. Ryan’s Pet Supplies’ leadership team and staff are working diligently with our suppliers, to procure goods, and up to date information to best serve our customers. As states begin to re-open, many producers of goods for the pet industry are still limited in their production capabilities, while additionally putting in measures to safely re-open and protect their employees’ health. Our supplier partners are working with us and using every resource available to them to expediently catch up with a backlog of demand.


Ryan’s Pet Supplies values your continued support and patience as we all navigate through these challenging times. It is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets, and we will continue to do everything we can to follow through. We are ALL in this together, and with our understanding and compassion towards one another, we will emerge stronger as we come out of this.



Why are you out of stock on so many items?

  • The need for PPE items has had traditional manufacturers of pet goods, pivot to the growing needs of PPE items for healthcare and front-line workers.
  • Many suppliers have had to completely shut down production and/or operations, as directed by their state. As they can safely re-open, most are doing in a 1/3 or 2/3, limited capacity.
  • The need for Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectants, and other PPE items, has caused raw material shortages for suppliers, this ranges from bottles, pumps, alcohol, to textile materials.
  • While many products are made in the USA, some components are sourced from over-seas suppliers. Shortage of availability and delays with Cargo and Airfreight are also contributing factors to longer lead-times.
  • Some of the largest suppliers in the Pet Industry, are in some of the most affected states with COVID-19 cases, or more restrictive stay at home and business closing directives.


I have been told my order would ship out, only to be told it is now shipping later.

  • Regulations and restrictions are changing by the day. Suppliers are taking measures to protect their employees and are taking additional time to ensure they have robust sanitation practices in place.
  • The shortage of Raw Materials for some of these goods have been a challenging resource to procure for many suppliers. Our supplier partners are providing the best information they have available at the time, but with things changing so rapidly daily, and PPE items and materials taking priority, this can cause further delays of certain goods.


How long is this expected to last?

While the media continues to report on COVID-19, we can happily say that we are seeing many suppliers open in at least a minimum capacity, to start producing and fulfilling goods for the industry. More and more are continuing to re-open and continue to staff-up as states/regulations allow. We believe it will only continue to improve through the upcoming weeks.


How can I protect my own business and employees?

First, practice what your local state and the federal government guidelines are instructing. Ryan’s Pet Supplies has been working around the clock to provide essential KN95 and other masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectants, and will continue to expand offerings with PPE items.


More related questions:

Why isn’t your warehouse open?

To protect both our employees and our customers, our warehouse has been closed to the public. You can still place orders online (Free Shipping on most orders* with code SHIP) or for our local customers, we are offering free in-store pick-up.


I’m a local customer, do you offer pick-up?

Yes, we do! Please choose “FREE In-store Pick-up” as your shipping method at checkout. You can also place an order for pick-up by calling 1-800-525-7387.

  • Please allow at least 2 hours for your items to be pulled before you arrive
  • Our hours for in-store pick-up are 9 AM – 4 PM
  • When you arrive, please enter our lobby to collect your order
  • We are currently permitting 4 customers inside the lobby at a time
  • There will be markings for where you can safely stand for 6 feet of social distance


Are you still offering your Repair Shop services?

Yes, we are! We are still offering blade and shear sharpening, as well as clipper and dryer maintenance. However, due to the exponential demand, please allow more time for your items to be serviced. 

  • When you pick up your items, we are currently permitting 1 customer in the repair shop lobby at a time


Don’t forget friends, we are all in this together. These uncertain times are impacting everyone, but we are here for you. Our team is working as hard as they can to ensure you have what you need to do what you love. Thank you for understanding. Stay safe, groomers!