Meet Our Fur-ends

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, our mission is "To Take Care of People Who Take Care of Pets." And that means forming relationships with those that actually take care of pets, our Fur-ends! Now what’s a Fur-end? That’s someone who has worked with us, been there for us, answered questions or more at tradeshows, during seminars, or on social media. We couldn’t be prouder to work in an industry full of amazing people that help take care of each other and the pets that we all care so much about.

We asked our Fur-ends four questions:

  1. How long have you worked in the industry or been a groomer (and what attracted you to this industry)?
  2. Tell us about your pets or favorite fur client.
  3. What is your favorite thing about our industry?
  4. Whether you're teaching education online or in-person, creating social content, or working trade shows, why do you enjoy working with Ryan's Pet Supplies?

Thanks to everyone that continues to work with us and cheers to new fur-ends we haven’t met yet! We're nothing without you. XOXO – The Ryan’s Team.

Melissa Hall
@catgroomingteacher | @yumagroomer

Over 25+ years!

My favorite for client is Winston. He’s a beautiful black smoke Persian cat and I would love to have one myself and he’s sweet.

I like my friends that I have made. I feel in my community supported by Groomers in this industry. I am a second generation groomer. My mother was a Groomer. My sister grooms. My favorite thing is the pets.

Ryans is THE best place for a pro! I bought my first set of grooming tools here from the Paw Brothers in the late 90s. Ryans has excellent customer service. I’m located in Arizona. I am lucky they are "local" to me.

Jessica Adorno

20 years!

My favorite fur clients are always the ones that connect with me on a deeper level.

The various styles and creative approaches groomers take on each dog.

I enjoy working with Ryan’s because the company wants to do what’s best for the groomers. I love the creative approach to their seminars and the giveback to our industry. Ryan’s you're listening! Bravo.

Candice Kurtz

I've been grooming for 17 years! I've always polished dogs nails, combed and brushed them as well. Growing up in poverty we didn't take our pets to the groomers, so I didn't know about the grooming industry. As soon as I was introduced to grooming later in life, I knew it was what I was meant to do. I love taking care of pets making them feel good and also look good. More importantly I love how I can make a huge difference in a pet owners life with something as simple as a good haircut in their pets.

I have 3 dogs: Amora "MoMo" is my oldest. She's a 5-year-old standard Poodle. My 2nd is Suzy Q, a mini-Bernedoodle. Lastly is Barbie, a 8-month-old Goldendoodle.

My favorite thing about the pet industry is the different styles of grooming and competing. There's no one style or competition. You can be any level and compete. There's literally no limits to how far you can take your career.

I enjoy working with Ryan's Pet Supplies because it's a team atmosphere. There's always someone willing and ready to help you out. It's try a family. I love seeing the growth among the social media platforms. Most importantly I've used Ryan's for my grooming needs for 17 years and have never had bad customer service.

Ash Tilson

I have been in the grooming industry for over 15 years! What really attracted me to grooming was the endless creativity that is possible! I love that!

I have 4 dogs and 3 cats! Is there ever too many if your a groomer?

My favorite thing about our industry is the wonderful people I have met from other parts of the country to even other parts of the world. The friendships I have made are so special.

I enjoy working with Ryans because they embody such a loving family vibe and thats something I really appreciate! They have always made me feel welcome and appreciated and that is very important!

Jasmine Smith

5 years; Animals have always been an interest of mine. I once tried to have a pet worm. I have a deep compassion for those that can’t speak for themselves. I wanted to help dogs be understood.

I have a 13 year old, Princess TigerLily. She’s a minpin/chihuahua and Queen of the House. I’ve had her since she was 8weeks old. I have a pitbull, Handsome Ryder who is 6 and a GSD, Zoë Bear who is 5. They are like rowdy Teenagers! They love to tussle!

My favorite thing about this industry is finding like-minded people. It’s hard to find a group of people who have the same views. So finding people who are literally going through the same struggles and accomplishments is so encouraging. There’s always someone to reach out to to ask questions or share stories.

So far everyone I’ve met at Ryan’s has been really kind. Excitement to see each other feels genuine. Also, they carry so many products in all price ranges so it’s easy to recommend my clients to purchase their doggie needs from their website!

Perry Quigley

I got in at 11, I was a 4-H Kid. Always loved aquatic creatures and reptiles (ALL ANIMALS REALLY). Vet school was too expensive and grooming eventually became my lifestyle.

I have 5 horses, 3 dogs and 3 cats. Oh and tons of fish. All of The Paw Wash clients are loved and favored by our groomers.

Favorite part of industry: The endless opportunities.

Ryan's is my go to company for tools, and innovative inspiration. I respect the brand and what they offer to the grooming and pet care industry.

Tasha Torres

I’ve been a pet stylist for over 9 years, and I didn’t realize dog grooming was a career! My friend posted someone on Instagram about the salon she worked at was hiring and I signed up immediately.

I have 6 animals! 3 dogs- Axel, Chuck, and Cheese. Axel is a German Shepherd, Chuck is a sweet quiet yorkie, and Cheese is a lovable Maltipoo with legs like a dirt bike. For the cats- we have Donnie, Mac Daniels, and Misfit. Donnie is a grey cat- with insane grey cat energy. Mac Daniels is a black cat that is the most cuddly cat alive. Misfit is the only female animal in the house, she’s black & white with the cutest pink nose! They’re all so loving, and all have their crazy little personalities.

My favorite thing about the grooming industry is that it’s such a diverse group of people. People of all sorts of backgrounds coming together because we all care about animals.

I absolutely love working with Ryan’s Pet Supplies! I’ve wanted to work with Ryan’s since I was a dog bather and had no idea how to even approach the matter. After I started actually giving haircuts, I really put myself out there with the alien thing to differentiate myself from the crowd. I think it’s worked out!