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Fulfilling Our Mission at Ryan's Pet Supplies: Taking Care of People Who Take Care of Pets

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, it is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets. We truly enjoy taking care of our customers, their pets, and helping in anyway possible. We would say that’s why it makes Ryan’s such a great place to work! We really stand behind our morals and our mission statement. Throughout the end of 2021, we focused on several causes that we’d like to share with you including Adopt-a-Dog Month, our #RyansHappyHowlidays Campaign, and the #BettyWhiteChallenge.

Adopt-a-Dog Month

About two years ago, a new employee started at Ryan’s Pet Supplies. Her name was Claire, and while she didn’t have a dog yet, she knew that it was time to bring a pup into her life. She fell in love with and immediately adopted a Chiweenie puppy named Queso from a local shelter. She changed his name to Bodhi, and he had found his forever home with Claire and her boyfriend. Claire brought Bodhi to work with her every day and he became an instant morale boost in the office.

Fast forward to October 2021 when an employee at our sister brand, Nature’s Specialties, brought up participating in October’s Adopt-a-Dog Month. She was going to donate some shampoo and conditioner to local rescues in honor of the challenge. We at Ryan’s Pet Supplies thought this was a fabulous idea and ended joining her in making donations to local rescues in the area. We reached out to our coworker, Claire, to see if we could donate to the shelter that she adopted Bodhi from. She told us she adopted him from Paw Placement Rescue.

We reached out to Paw Placement Rescue to see if they were interested in coming to Ryan’s to pick up some donations. They were so excited that we had reached out and were happy to stop by around Halloween. Turns out one of the gals that stopped by to pick up the donations was also Queso/Bodhi’s foster mom! She knew exactly which pup he was, and she was so excited to hear that he had stepped out of his shell and had become friendlier (he was the smallest and most timid of the litter). She was so happy to see the pictures of Bodhi with Claire and her boyfriend and that the work she had done fostering had paid off for everyone involved! Bodhi found his forever home, Claire and her partner found their new best friend, and our gal at Paw Placement Rescue had done some pretty fulfilling work.

That day, we donated 4 gallons of Nature’s Specialties Plum Silky to Paw Placement Rescue and we packed two cars full of items that were totally usable but had damaged packaging and were no longer saleable to our customers. When items are returned to Ryan’s, we typically can’t resell them – they’ve been opened and returned so we end up with gallons of shampoo, toys, cages, etc. that are perfectly usable but can’t be sold to a new customer. However, we turn this negative into a positive by rotating donation pick-ups to several local charities!

This was a day that will go down in Ryan’s infamy since it was Bodhi’s foster mom that showed up to get the donations. We couldn’t believe what a small world it is. The universe works in mysterious ways.


During the holiday season, we wanted to do something special for Groomers. We knew we wanted to give away a MetroVac Master Blaster Dryer and a Groomer-Themed Stocking. However, we knew that we wanted to do more! We decided to donate $.50 to an animal cause for every order over $150 placed. But which cause would we give to? We thought it would be a fun exercise to have our community choose which animal cause to donate to! We gave the community 1 week to choose which animal cause and then the animal cause with the most comments would be the winner. And y’all really showed out. The winner by a landslide was OC Pom Rescue! With additional donations from our employees and their kids, we ended up sending them $1,040!

We also ended up sending them product to help get all the furbabies ready for adoption. This included 5x Gallons of Desert Sudz Christmas Cactus Pet Shampoo (smells great year round 😉), 5x Paw Brothers The One Leave-in Conditioning Pet Spray, 5x TruCraft Citrus Detanling & Dematting Pet Spray.

Follow them via their OC Pom Rescue Instagram or OC Pom Rescue Website



In honor of what would’ve been the wonderful Betty White’s 100th birthday, the #BettyWhiteChallenge was started in order to remember Betty the way she would've wanted to be. Betty White was a noted animal lover that encouraged others to love animals as much as she did. The challenge was to send $5 or more (or whatever amount!) to a local animal shelter, charity. or rescue of the benefactor's choosing. We decided to send $50 to each of the below dog/pet rescues. We decided we would give to local Arizona shelters and rescues that would benefit our immediate community. We also rotate donations from our warehouse to these charities. We're so happy to be able to give back to local rescues and charities in our community. Seeing the excitement on the volunteers' faces that come to load their vehicles up with donations and hearing how grateful they are makes every day better.

Paw Placement Rescue

Luv of Dogz Fund

Help a Dog Smile

For the Love of Paws

It’s never too late to join the #BettyWhiteChallenge! Send your favorite local animal shelter or cause $5 or more to honor our belated animal-loving queen, Betty White.


As you can see, we love what we do at Ryan’s Pet Supplies. We’re so proud and happy that we get to see first-hand how small actions can ripple and impact the community in ways we never imagined. Whether that be a Rescue adoption coming full-circle or helping local animal causes, we are always stoked to help in any small way possible. We do what we can to take care of people to take care of pets.

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