Jelly Pet Dog Bath Brush


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The Jelly Pet Dog Bath Brush has dual functionality to be used wet or dry for easy deshedding. Use the brush in the bath to maximize shampoo suds, scrub, and massage shampoo deep into the coat. The large rubber tips massage the skin to help promote healthy coat growth. Run the brush through a dry coat to loosen the undercoat and remove dead hair and skin. Designed with a comfortable, non-slip handle so you can easily brush and massage. Recommend the Jelly Pet Dog Bath Brush for your pet parents to control shedding at home and their dogs will enjoy the bonding time.


  • Use wet or dry for scrubbing and deshedding
  • Remove dead hair and skin
  • Large rubber tips massage into the coat

Product Dimensions

  • Body: 4" x 7.25"
  • Head: 4" x 2"
  • Handle: 5"