Jelly Pet Grooming Loop Extender

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Nothing worse than getting a dog in the tub and the loop doesn’t reach the ring. We’ve got you covered with the new Jelly Pet Grooming Loop Extender, so you don’t have to muscle through when hitching your pet for grooming. This is a must have for all professional groomers. The 13-inches of additional length on the table gives you the flexibility you need for small or large dogs. Restrain or allow them to move around the table, without unclipping or adjusting the arm. The extender is 13 1/2" long with 5 adjustments in 2" increments.

We recommend using the Jelly Pet Loop Extender along with the Jelly Pet Grooming Loop with Ring and Jelly Pet Safety Tether (not included) to give you maximum control and flexibility for all sizes of dogs. It’s the magic trio! Available in 4 colors: Hot Pink, Lime Green, Teal and Purple.

Product Highlights:

  • Waterproof: Use in tub for bath or on table. This is made from high quality waterproof material made in the USA.
  • 13-inches of added flexibility: The five D-rings are 2 inches apart from each other giving you the ability to reach that sweet spot length.
  • Durable: This loop extender is extremely strong and can hold up to a large Great Dane to a small Bichon Frise. The stainless steel clip and rings are long-lasting and rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about replacing.
  • Available in four fun colors to match your salon or equipment.