MetroVac Air Force Quick Draw Dryer



The MetroVac Air Force Quick Draw is a compact, powerful, hand held pet dryer that is small enough to take on the road, yet strong enough to use in the shop to dry off a large long haired dog in minutes! At just over 3 pounds the compact all steel Quick Draw produces a large volume of warm air to dry all pets quickly and thoroughly. Perfect for mobile groomers.


  • Air volume:160MPH/85CFM
  • HP Motor: 1.3
  • Amps: 8
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts:960
  • 12' Grounded power cord
  • 6' hose
  • Air concentrator blower nozzle
  • Air flare and shoulder strap
  • Table mounting hook
  • One Year Limited Warranty - click here for more info