Nature's Specialites EZ De-Shed Spray

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Designed to complement our highly rated EZ Out Shampoo and EZ Shed Conditioner, Nature’s Specialties EZ De-Shed Spray is a leave-in conditioning spray that takes the hassle out of managing shedding and tangled fur in between regular baths and grooming sessions, while also nourishing the coat and promoting a healthy sheen. Enriched with moisturizing conditioners and Aloe Vera, our De-Shed Spray supports a healthy skin and coat by providing a vibrant and radiant sheen and softness.

Simply spray directly onto the coat and massage all the way down to the skin and follow with a thorough brushing to assist in removing the bulk of unwanted undercoat. Use regularly in between baths and grooming sessions to maximize on de-shedding and reduce excess shedding.


  • Leave-in Conditioning Spray to moisturize the skin & coat and assist in reducing excess shedding.
  • Use in between baths and grooming sessions to remove unwanted undercoat.
  • Safe & easy application: Ready to use formulation can be sprayed directly onto the coat with no sticky or oily residue left behind.
  • Contains a sweet, tropical fragrance with hints of Piña Colada & Plum; made to complement our EZ De-Shed line.
  • Ready to Use

How to use product

Shake product well before use. Spray directly onto a dry coat. Massage product down to the skin and brush out the coat with your preferred brush, removing all unwanted and excess hair (brush type to utilize will depend on the pet’s coat type, but some examples include a Slicker Brush, T-Rake, or Undercoat Rake).

For best results, use in conjunction with our full De-Shed Line and in between bathing & grooming sessions to maximize on moisture and reduce future and excess shedding.


Contains: Water, a Proprietary Blend of Conditioners, Aloe Vera, Fragrance, and Natural Preservative.