Nature's Specialties Froth Tails Strawberry Frosé Cologne

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Expertly crafted to complement our best-selling Frothing Shampoo, Nature’s Specialties Froth Tails Strawberry Frosé cologne will elevate pet’s grooming experience while providing a long lasting fragrance your customers will love. Inspired by the sweetness of ripe strawberries and refreshing allure of rosé and sweet champagne, this enchanting fragrance is specially crafted to keep your pet smelling delightful in between baths and grooming sessions, crafting a scent that is both sweet, sophisticated, and irresistibly charming!


  • Spray cologne for that special finishing touch
  • Long lasting, crisp strawberry fragrance with subtle hints of rosé and sweet champagne
  • Complements Nature’s Specialties® Froth Tails Strawberry Frosé Shampoo
  • Use Direct

Contains: Alcohol, Purified Water, and Fragrance.