Natural Rapport The Only Dog Shampoo Dogs Need

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We need to come clean: this pet wash solves so many problems we weren’t sure what to call it. It’s basically a Swiss-army-knife of a shampoo that lathers without sulfates, while it also cleans, detangles, conditions, moisturizes and deodorizes your pup. We know we aren’t the only Dog Shampoo out there, so we uncomplicated the decision making process for you. What truly makes our Dog Shampoo different is this: we use nature to clean nature with a formulation that is 98.25% derived from natural and plant based ingredients. So safe you can even climb in the tub and use it too, because we all know that old saying: "Cleanliness is next to Dogliness" (or something like that) Gentle. Effective. Safe.

That’s what makes us better. That’s what makes us Natural Rapport.


  1. This product is recommended for dogs 12 weeks and older. For best results, brush coat to remove excess hair prior to washing.
  2. Wet coat and apply product generously.
  3. Work into a lather for a few minutes, then rinse.

Ingredients: Water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, emulsifier, fragrance, human-grade preservative.