ComfortGroom Rotating Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table

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The rotating table offers 360 degrees of compatibility for any type of room. Perfect for mobile groomers and groomers with limited space. The rotating table offers an incredible range of height adjustment using the dual foot pedals. With an impressive 400 lb weight capacity and a thick waterproof tabletop with protective vinyl trim this table is suitable for any sized pet.



  • Rotates a full 360 degrees
  • Removable Lockable Table top for easy cleaning and replacement
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • Thick, waterproof, high-density, non-slip pebble textured table surface with protective vinyl trim
  • Corner hooks for tools
  • Constructed from steel and painted with modern scratch-resistant hammer tone finish
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Ryan's Pet Supplies guarantees that all ComfortGroom tables include a lifetime warranty* on the frame, two year warranty on electrical parts, and one year warranty on hydraulic parts.

*Covers structural integrity, excludes cosmetic defects (chips, rust, dents)

Table Top42"24"1.2"
Table  Adjusts 12" - 42"
Casters  Adds 4"


Assembly Instructions


Troubleshooting: Number 1 thing to ask when troubleshooting a table is the table connected and if the transformer light is on? If the transformer light is off, this is the powerhouse to everything else and without it, the table will not move.

If transformer light is on and neither foot pedal works, it is unlikely that both foot pedals go out at the same time so the lifting motor would need replacing. However, on the tables with splitter cables (v1 ET290 & v2 ET190/290/490), removing the splitter and connecting the foot pedals directly to the transformer will also help pinpoint where the issue is. If removing the splitter cable, both pedals work connected to the transformer, then the splitter needs replacing other than the lifting motor. I’ll say again this only works with the tables that have splitters.