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Ryan’s Pet Supplies Team Highlight: Nancy from HR

We are excited to do an employee highlight on our HR Manager, Nancy. Nancy has been with Ryan’s since 2006 and we are so excited to share a little bit of her story!

Please tell us how you entered the pet/grooming industry

I grew up in a dog show household. My family bred Boxers and my father showed all breeds professionally.  I can remember sitting on the living room floor when I was 8 years old blow drying an Old English Sheepdog with a hand-held dryer the day before a show weekend. We had several coated breeds in and out of our home for show weekends, Corgis, Shih Tzu, Puli, Afghan Hounds, English Springers, Irish Setters. As an adult I have owned and shown Smooth Fox Terriers and Border Terriers as well as Boxers and French Bulldogs. I owned my own grooming salon for 6 years. I went on to work for a large pet supply chain managing two salons and developing a program and training groomers for that company.

How did you end up at Ryan’s Pet Supplies?

Having been a customer of Ryan’s Pet Supplies for many years I learned in 2006 that they had an opening for Human Resource Manager and the rest, as they say, is history!

What is it like to work at RPS?

I get to stay involved with the grooming industry as well as the dog show community. Besides managing the HR functions at Ryan’s, I can contribute on the product development/selection side and be a liaison between Ryan’s and various pet professional and enthusiast groups.

What is the best part about working at RPS?

Being part of a Community. Pet professionals and enthusiasts create wonderful communities around their profession or sport. This feeling of community resonates here at Ryan’s which fosters a feeling of family within our work community.

What is your favorite memory from working at RPS?

I have many great memories, but I most enjoy seeing professional groomers that I trained years ago and helped launch into careers that have been so rewarding.

What would you say to all the groomers, breeders, handlers that are starting out?

Follow your passion. Find a way to do what you love every day and do it with integrity!

At Ryan’s Pet Supplies, it is our mission to take care of people who take care of pets and Nancy certainly exemplifies this with the way she approaches her position. Not only is she in charge of hiring employees, payroll, and dealing with HR situations, but she is also always ready and willing to help train customer service members as to which shampoo and tools are best for which coat. We do have some groomers on staff here but not everyone that works at Ryan’s has spent time grooming. She helps to provide these employees with meaningful insight into the way groomers think. Nancy is an integral part of the reason why we call Ryan’s a family. We are so grateful to have her on our Ryan’s Pet Supplies Team! Thank you, Nancy!