Tru Craft Simply Sustainable Story

Tru Craft was inspired by groomers and pet professionals who were looking for products that combine high-quality results with eco-friendly, sustainable materials and ingredients. From this simple request, Tru Craft was born.

We set out to produce expertly crafted products that perform at the highest level and are “simply sustainable”. Wherever possible we use packaging that is recyclable or compostable. Our grooming tools are made with sustainable bamboo. Shampoos and coat care products use recycled water and are made with ingredients that are safe & nourishing. We avoid sulfates, silicones, parabens and dyes. It’s a Simple choice with a Big impact. We hope you chose Tru Craft products for your art and for your business.

Tru Craft Grooming Tools are High Quality Tools Made with Sustainable Bamboo

Tru Craft tools are designed for professional groomers. They are durable, comfortable and produce high quality results. The bamboo handles are extremely strong, feel great in the hand and are environmentally sustainable. Long lasting, stainless steel pins glide through coats. If grooming is your art, Tru Craft should be your tool.